The Hogsmill Valley pictures are titled for the day of making, returned to the year of play: 1977.


It Happened Here (1) and It Happened Here (2) are digital moving image works that explore the landscape of the Hogsmill Valley as a site of exploration, experience, discovery and, at last, repose.

Ambient sounds - cars, voices, aircraft overhead - subvert the sense of the lyrical and ground us in the realm of the everyday; the Valley as a place of work and play.

It Happened Here (1) 2016. Digital Moving Image

It Happened Here (2) 2016. Digital Moving Image


Dawn At The Pylon prises apart one moment of the experience of making work from the overall process, creating specific temporal, spatial and experiential insights for this and thousands of other moments that comprise the total endeavour.

Dawn at the Pylon 2016. Framed inkjet print and typescript, 165mm x 275mm 


It Happened Here collates 25 hand-draughted maps that, collectively, schematise the accretion into memory the experience of dozens of visits to explore and make work in the Hogsmill Valley from September 2015 to July 2016. 

Drawn from memory as the summer's shooting drew to a close, the maps comprise not only the straightforward totality of events and locations, but also explore the faculty of memory and the schematic's capacity for selective omission, error and change.