Good news is always welcome, and I've had some welcome good news.  My photograph (the one in this post) has placed second in a national competition! The "Best Shots" competition (http://www.bestshots.co.uk/photo/519931) is open to all comers and attracted a huge entry - over 8,000 entrants! My shot placed second in the Still Life section; it's really satisfying to get the positive feedback from the judges and realise that all of the creative work you put in (as well as being chased by dogs, lung infections and the like) has a positive outcome with some recognition! Here's what I said about the shot:

"In the remote corners of California’s Mojave Desert there are hundreds of abandoned homesteads dotted across a wild and arid landscape. The Mojave climate is extreme, life there is tough, and most who try it out will quit. Unclaimed homes rapidly degrade under the onslaught of the elements, vandals and wildlife, creating uniquely moving and compelling new narratives. Each house makes you question it's story; the one in this photograph made me ask, “Who sat in that chair?”  Here's what they said:

"I defy you to look at this image without wondering  who used to live here, what happened to them, why the building has been left to rot.....?   Pondering on these questions, your eye is drawn to the outside world framed, like pictures on a wall by windows, then back again into the room with its decaying armchair."   Linda Wride  


The really special thing about this success is that the photograph is not only being exhibited in Richmond, North Yorkshire, at The Station Arts Centre as part of a "Top 100" show, it will then go on tour as part of a "Top 30" touring exhibition. Fantastic!  The Tour will be visiting Kellie Castle , Scotland, then Wales' oldest gallery at Oriel Plas Glyn Y Weddw , then to my back yard at Michelham Priory near Hailsham, East Sussex and then finally rocking up at the The Joe Cornish Gallery in early 2014.