SPF 50.

A short post from the road. I'm crouched over my lap top in a library car park, using the free wifi and reviewing the day's work.  It's unseasonably warm here in Wonder Valley so, as a pasty Englishman, I'm being kind to myself and working slowly and steadily beneath a generous basting of SPF 50.  I'm also being picky. Last year here I shot 1,000 images a day. Like a machine gun. This year it's about a tenth of that. Easier on my nerves, my camera and my right index finger.  It's not exactly sniping, but's it definitely not a mad rush over the top of the trench either.  Here's a bit of what happened, rough and ready, but I guess you'll understand, right?

The highlight of the day had to be at the end. I dropped into the Palms Restaurant on the Amboy Road and got talking to Laura and Jim Sibley, the proprietors. Lovely people! The cold beer helped too! 

That's all for now. back in touch soon.