Greetings from the car park

Yesterday was a 50/50 day. 50% disappointing and 50% pretty good. On the one hand no-one I had lined up to meet wanted to do it on the day, on the other I had a productive, calm, outing with the camera and a happy drink at the Palms with Mick and Julie.  More on Mick and Julie in a later post.

Today was very good. I turned up unannounced at the local church in Wonder Valley and was made instantly welcome by Pastor Garry and his congregation. A nice bunch of people and I dearly hope they would like to participate in the project. Let's see.

Lunch was eaten by the roadside at the corner of Wilson and Amboy (Google Earth and meet me there if you like) and then afternoon spent roaming the backroads. On last year's adventure I kept a detailed diary of everywhere I shot, every road, corner and cabin and it's paid off this year. No more getting lost.