Return to the Blue Room

I am a creature of habit, often returning to places previously visited to observe how they have changed with time. That seems to be one of my pre-occupations. Yesterday saw a return to the little cabin I shot a year ago, the site of "Blue Room" image that has done so well in getting me some recognition in the last year.

Wonder Valley is in a state of continual transformation; changes driven by nature, time, human and economic influence are constantly and visibly at work in this area. The Blue Room Cabin is no exception to this.  In the year since the last visit all the remaining windows have been broken and the old chair, stove and vacuum cleaner have vanished. The holes in the roof are a little bigger, the paint a little more peeled.  This is the view South from the main room, it needs some more adjustment but you get the idea:


It's warm and windy today. It's time to slap on some SPF 50, sunnies and a big hat and get to work.

More this evening. Bye for now.