Iron Giants

The Dungeness Headland is a windswept wedge projecting into the English Channel, a sharp shingle elbow in the water's ribs.  If you believe what you see on the web then most of the photography action there seems to happen in the strip of land between the Pilot Inn at Lydd-on-Sea and the power stations, a narrow piece of real estate about 2km long and 200m deep.  This tiny area is loaded with opportunities to see and take pictures but, in truth, it's neither the whole story nor the entire opportunity as the Headland is so much more expansive than that. 

One place outside of the "Strip"  that caught my eye is south of Lydd on the road to Camber where a line of gigantic pylons marches straight through a trailer park, iron Godzillas oblivious of what lays at their feet. I love the absurdity of picking that spot to stay; imagine the humming of the high tension wires lulling people to sleep and frying their brains into the bargain, an undead vacation with 24/7 police response.