Nuclear Family

I love the Dungeness headland. There's a lot to love. Hectares of shingle, big sky, big weather, big waves, pylons and poles in abundance, a miniature railway, good fish and chips, 2 lighthouses, 2 nuclear power stations and an end-of-the-line independently-spirited vibe like few other places in the UK. Just don't talk to me about old fishing boats. 

You could spend days exploring the headland and never leave the tiny strip of land between the power station and the Pilot Inn, it's so visually rich. What lies beyond is just as exciting and I intend to explore it this year.

Yesterday saw another visit to the headland. It rained heavily without stopping all day. Imagine the fun, shuffling around with the camera under my jacket while rain trickled down the back of my neck. The sky was a silvery grey and puddles lay everywhere.