589.3 explores the nightly transformation of our everyday world by the pure yellow light emitted by the ubiquitous sodium vapour street lamp.

589.3 is named for the frequency, in nanometers, of sodium vapour light. By its numerical precision 589.3 signifies the political/industrial mechanism which mass-produces and places the lights to modify our built environment and shape our behaviour. The monochromatic glow of sodium vapour which bathes our nocturnal world does so both partially and selectively, illuminating by design only that which lies close to the light, accentuating and redefining once-familiar states such as public/private, familiar/unfamiliar, visible/invisible. As much of our night time environment recedes into shadow, deprived of light, that which remains of the everyday is imparted with a sculptural significance, picked out and casting an unwavering shadow until dawn.