It Happened Here (1) and It Happened Here (2) are single-take moving image works made as a response to the creative process of making the Hogsmill Valley (1977) pictures. 

The work is set in a stretch of the Hogsmill River alongside the Six Acre Meadow, the precise location where John Everett Millais painted his Ophelia (1851-52). This seemingly lyrical sense of location is subverted by ambient sounds - cars, distant voices, aircraft overhead - that draw us back to the landscape of the Hogsmill Valley as a site of movement and exploration, experience and discovery, creation and, at last, repose. Unedited single takes reflect the concentration and immersion that the making of the Hogsmill Valley (1977) pictures demanded - each picture was the result of six to eight weeks' scouting, staging and shooting.

It Happened Here (1) 2016. Digital Moving Image

It Happened Here (2) 2016. Digital Moving Image