I take precautions.

When I worked in Wonder Valley last year, shooting the old houses, I blithely strolled from place to place with my camera, 12 hours a day for 7 days, breathing deeply of the heady cocktail of animal poop, insulation dust, dirt and general desert-rock-of-ages that hangs around in most of the abandoned dwellings here. I paid the price, of course, falling into a deep fever followed by a three week double lung infection that took several courses of antibiotics to clear out. This time I took a tip from decorators and picked up some breathing masks. Hey presto! I now look like Bryan Cranston when I'm working.

Today's work was similar to every day since Sunday. I spent the morning with some very open and friendly people at the Wonder Valley Community Centre, one of the triad of social centres (The Palms Restaurant and the Wonder Valley Community Church are the others) that lie within 3 miles of each other on the arrow-straight Amboy Road that carves a 20 mile East-West line through the heart of the Valley.  

It was busy at the Centre today, plenty of people to meet and photograph. Today's highlights included meeting Charlotte, Isabel, Tom Whitefeather, Jerry, Robbie, Deena, Charlie, Leroy and Fuchsia. Thanks to Star Javier for welcoming me and generously permitting me to work and to Terrence for being the easiest person on the face of the Earth to photograph.   I intend to release this week's portraits gradually after I return home. 

The afternoon should have been spent back at base in Lanes Lane writing, but I was distracted by some cabins, and then some more, and finally got back at sunset. Here are some of the day's images:

And finally, I spotted this in town when I popped in for some groceries.