If only Stephen Shore had looked down.

Let me start by stating my admiration for Stephen Shore, the only person to make parking lots, and much else besides, look photogenic.

There I was, early one blissfully warm and sunny Mojave morning, standing in the Motel 6 parking lot in Twenty Nine Palms with my laundry tucked under my arm, staring out across the parked cars toward Highway 62. The scene got me contemplating Shore's road trips and the many gorgeous photographs he took whilst on them with his huge camera. Just as my mind started to wander to thoughts of breakfast at the Carousel Cafe I looked down at my feet and found this.  I enjoy the sense of convergence, the polite corner of grass held back by the curb, the roughness of the tarmac that contrasts with the smooth concrete and how the drain opens out and shows the bands of residue.  Before I sound too pretentious the point I really want to make is that it was just there

I'll be looking down more often.