Six Omens Of Doom.

This should have been published in 2014 but somehow got lost in the shuffle. I re-read it today and it made me chuckle as it's all true, so I decided to publish:

I'm not religious but seem to have filled that part of my life with superstition. If I see a penny in the street, I'll pick it up and make a wish. I never walk under ladders or whistle at sea and always look someone in the eye at a toast and take inordinate care with mirrors. 

Imagine my hysteria when, during my increasingly febrile preparations for my Visual Arts Associateship application to the Royal Photographic Society, a series of unconnected Omens of Doom began messing with my head:

1. The 13th print in my Panel is mysteriously creased overnight. Luckily the awesome Spectrum can print a replacement in a jiffy in a nailed-on case of world class customer service. Thank you, Hazel.

2.  While driving to Bath for the assessment, a van stops in front of me, stranding me on a level crossing while the alarm is sounding and a train is approaching

3. Later, while driving through roadworks, a truck jumps a red light and heads straight at me in the single-lane.

4. I then run-over a wounded bird of prey, it looks me right in the eye before the collision and I can't swerve because of oncoming traffic. 

5. I get stuck in traffic in Bath behind a 13 bus.

6. My panel is finally reviewed at 3.20 pm straight after a hang so awesome one of the judges who loved it only half-jokingly commented he would "fight anyone who disagreed".

The sweetly elegant thing about all of this hot air is that my ARPS application was really well-received and passed with glowing comments. Phew.