Dark Corners

Delighted to be shortlisted for Dark Corners, a competition from @MuseumofLondon in collaboration with @1854, exploring London at night. My work, Sunray Spring, was made as a response to the pain of nostalgia when I returned to the place of my childhood after a long hiatus. The cherry blossom is lit, at night, by the glow of sodium vapour street lights.

For Dark Corners, photographers were invited to submit work exploring London at night. Each of the five winning images, to be announced soon, capture a different corner of the city  East, West, North, South and Central London. My picture, made in Tolworth, is for the South.

The selected photographs will be exhibited at the Museum of London as part of London Nights  a major, upcoming photography exhibition, which will reveal the city after dark through the work of 60 acclaimed photographers including including Alvin Langdon Coburn, Bill Brandt, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Tish Murtha and Nick Turpin.

The winners will also receive coverage from British Journal of Photography, and bespoke framed prints of their exhibited works.

Come what may, the show will be amazing.

Sunray Spring